We are excited to introduce you to our Your Wealth – Your Way program, our innovative, holistic financial advice program that has been designed around three important steps.


We start by performing a comprehensive audit of your existing financial situation.

We find out what you earn, what you own and what you owe. With your permission, we will contact your Superannution fund(s) to obtain details of your accounts. We will do the same if you have any personal insurance policies or investments. Once we have a full understanding of your current financial situation, we will use this information as the starting point, and then develop a detailed financial model based on any changes that we recommend from Step 2. This model will show both the composition of your wealth over time and also your sources of retirement income once you do stop work. This information is provided in graphs, examples of which can be found at the bottom of this page.


When we have a clear understanding of your current situation, we develop a detailed individual financial plan which sets out the exactly how you can achieve your financial goals.

Depending on your situation, there are numerous strategies that we can employ to help get you heading in the right direction. These include:

  • Consolidate (and possibly refinance) your loans to simplify your situation, save interest and reduce your debt faster.
  • Structure your debts correctly to avoid paying extra tax, to save interest and repay your debts sooner.
  • Get your Super sorted by consolidating multiple Super funds (where appropriate) to simplify your situation, and make sure all of your retirement savings are invested appropriately, based on your personal situation and investor profile. If you are in an expensive or underperforming Super fund, we will likely recommend you switch to a better fund.
  • Invest your money intelligently in a diversified portfolio of low-cost investment funds that will make your money to work for you while minimising risk by ensuring that you do not have all your eggs in one basket.
  • Protect your family’s financial future by ensuring that your income, health and life are adequately insured with quality policies. We do not want a health incident or personal tragedy to cause significant financial hardship to yourself or your family.
  • Implement various wealth creation strategies to accelerate the growth of your wealth, while also legally reducing the amount of tax you pay.


We believe that this is the most important of the three steps and is what differentiates our Your Wealth – Your Way program from other programs offered by our competitors.

We actively monitor and report your progress towards your goals over time (while making any necessary small tweaks along the way), to make sure that you do reach your financial goals and can then enjoy the comfortable retirement that you deserve. This reporting consists of:

  • half-yearly “Success Report” which checks that all recommended financial strategies are being fully correctly implemented. This report also tracks your overall wealth over time.
  • An Annual, comprehensive review of your entire financial world to ensure that all financial strategies and products that you have in place are still appropriate for you. Every year, we will also remodel your financial future to allow for the various changes to your personal situation, and to the relevant government laws and rules, that inevitably happen throughout the year.

Example of a Retirement Income Graph

In the graph below, a married couple (Fred and Wilma) retire in 2033. Fred is 67 and is therefore entitled to the age pension from Centrelink. Wilma is 62, and so is not eligible for the Centrelink age pension until 2038. As you can see, their annual income of $60,000 (2018 dollars) is made up from the age pension (red) which is topped up from a pension income stream paid from their own Super (blue). Their income drops to $55,000 (in 2018 dollars) when Fred reaches age 85.

Example of an Investment Asset Mix Graph

This graph shows the actual predicted composition of their retirement wealth over time. Assets are above the zero point, while debts are below it. The solid black line shows the total “retirement wealth” which includes all their assets minus all their debts but excluding the family home. If you look closely at the graph, you can see the following:


  • Their home mortgage (red) is fully repaid by 2028.
  • They have an investment property (green) which is sold in 2031.
  • The investment property loan (orange) is paid off in 2031 once the investment property is sold.
  • The net proceeds from the sale of the investment property are contributed into their Super funds (blue) in 2032.